• I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for making last evening’s Small Business Advice event at RBC a success. Your presentation was excellent and easy to follow. The business owners are very thankful for the information you shared about creating an online presence without a big cash outlay. I think all of us were surprised that we could market our offering on the net so easily and effectively without spending a lot. I am truly grateful to you for being our main presenter.

    Seymour Greenland
    Senior Account Manager, Royal Bank of Canada
  • As a new graduate, I looked to improve my communication during job interviews and chose Uhhcommunications for their expertise and accessibility. I found their methods intuitive and creative, which not only assisted me in speaking, but also helped build my confidence. I give full credit to Uhhcommunications for helping me land a rigorous position in management consulting and would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their communication and speaking abilities.

    Kevin Lim
    B.Eng, University of Toronto
  • While I was applying to a very competitive graduate program, Hamed helped me prepare for my interview, as well as several large-audience presentations I had for work. He taught me some fundamental tools to help me prepare for both circumstances. Hamed was able to teach me the basics of how to be an effective public speaker. He challenged me and put me in uncomfortable situations, without making me feel inferior or

    inadequate. While observing me during a practice presentation, he was able to pick up on subtle habits and mannerisms that I wasn’t even aware I was doing. His feedback and cueing helped guide me in the direction I needed to go.

    Thanks to Hamed my presentation skills are continuing to improve as I expand on the skills he taught me. I was accepted into my graduate program and will continue to utilize his methods going forward in my career.

    Patrick Welsh
    CC Chiropractor
  • Thanks Tim.  You really inspired me to push myself and improve my situation. Heard you speak and I can honestly say you were integral to me succeeding and getting to where I am now.  Keep doing what you’re doing Tim, you have a real gift for conveying difficult concepts in a way that most people can understand and engage with – thanks for everything!!
    Rob Montesano
    PMP, MBA
  • Ula is an outstanding person, very bright and committed.  She has great understanding of presentation and performance process which she is able to pass along to others when they are struggling, and her feedback to her clients is always insightful, generous and articulate.
    Kate Lynch
    U of T instructor and Communications Consultant at the Humphrey Group